Own Projects

  • Hand in Hand - connecting school children and IndiAlumni members

    Our very first event pulled together a lot of our IndiAlumni members. With the goal of sharing stories and the festive time of Christmas with school children in Pune, India, the exchange was vivid with a personal delivery story behind.. read more

  • How I Met India V-Blog

    One thing is true about India: whichever story you hear is true. But the opposite is equally true. A million stories can be told and this V-Blog was a project to give a glimpse of one perspective, which was the MBA times of Katleen in Pune in 2016/2017.. read more


Text: Ingo Dullweber Editor: Katleen Schneider

Reaching children from low income schools while supporting them in their dreams and ideas was the main purpose of our project “Hand in Hand”. The idea was born in 2012, when our IndiAlumni member of the very first hour, Ingo Dullweber, met the engaged teacher Kiwa Singh at the Kasturba Ghandi school in Pune.

At the IndiAlumni annual meeting in 2013, the first letters were sent to the curious students. that was the starting point for a lively exchange of letters and parcels.

Thanks for making this an unforgettable project in the history our our association. Kodus to Ingo Dullweber, Charlotte Dünnwald, Selina Faßl, Sebastian Groh, Anett Hartung, Naveen Kalarickal, Gabriel Klitsos, Dominique Manikowski, Natalie Ofori, Kiwa Singh, Sofia Trojanowska, Leonie Wenning, Louise Wright and Johannes Wöbker.

Author: Katleen Schneider

This V-Blog was a collaboration between different IndiAlumni members for starting a V-Blog: conceptualization by Kristin Frauenhoffer, technical and editorial support by Julia Ringies and execution by Katleen Schneider. This was part of her journey as an exchange student in India in 2016/2017. She studied MBA at the Symbiosis University (SIIB) for 8 months and video blogged on different topics while being in India.

Check out  #5 – Animal life – COW RAP

ANIMAL LIFE is a homage to the cows in India. As every person coming to India, Katleen found a fascination for animals living on the street along with the busy life of humans. This rap song is showing her love and respect for the holy cow in India. (February 2017).

For more of Katleen and her adventures (German + English): http://howimetindia.blogspot.de