Own Events

  • Speed Dating in Constance 2014

    The first India Speed Dating workshop took place from 6th to 8th June 2014 in Constance. Next to an intense exchange for outgoings and Alumni regarding their time in India, the scholars could indulge in inspiring discussions.. read more

  • IndiAlumni Communication Meeting in Berlin 2017

    Successful and sustainable alumni work requires a good communication strategy. Therefore, we organized a working meeting in Berlin  from 22nd until 24th of September 2017 in Berlin in order relaunch our association's website. A total of 8 DAAD IndiAlumni took part at the event.. read more

  • Celebrating Diwali in Bonn 2017

    A Diwali celebration was a long-cherished wish of the association, which has now become reality. Our association members Stefan Frisch and Nihal D'Souza had initiated and prepared the meeting from 21 until 22nd of October 2017 together with an organisation team of the Indian student association.. read more

  • IndiAlumni Working Meeting in Berlin 2018

    So far our association was lacking a consistent strategy to integrate Indians as well as to reach out to new generations. Therefore, we organized a working meeting from 21st until 23rd of September in Berlin in order to design a new, purposeful concept for the integration of Indian members and to promote upcoming projects..read more

  • IndiAlumni Speed Dating 2019 in Cologne

    Incredible India! We know that the diversity in culture, religion and nature holds for an interesting adventure but may rise to a real challenge at the same time. At the Speed Dating Event in Cologne we assisted new outgoings to have a good academic experience and a pleasant stay in India.

    concept for the integration of Indian members and to promote upcoming projects.. read more


Authors: Susanne Ebner and Imke Polland | Editor: Katleen Schneider

In June, shortly after the annual meeting in Munich, was the first-time for the India Speed Dating Workshop with the aim of a preparation and a follow-up input of an academic exchange in India for Alumni and Outgoing students. The idea was already born in 2013 in Berlin. One year after the workshop could be realized with the dedication of Susanne Ebner and Imke Polland, hosting a total 30 participants in Constance.

The workshop started with an actual speed dating of short face-to-face talks about “Body, Life and Knowledge”. After a question and answer sessions by Outgoings and Alumni, group work enabled a deeper understanding of the different regions, the science sector and the concepts of manhood and womanhood in India.

Feedback by the participants indicated that the chosen format of Speed dating was ideal to prepare outgoing students considering the individuality of each experience in India. Hence the diversity and wide spectrum of impressions and experiences by the Alumni group could be shared with the Outgoing students.

Additionally the scientific profound presentation by Prof. Wojtasik of PH Weingarten was contributing to a lively discussions between the scholar. Hence they could approach Indian specific themes in a larger discussion group from the perspective of their own field of studies but also beyond that. As a result stereotyping could be most widely avoided.

The exchange of experiences and the positive group dynamics were evaluated as very fertile. We can finally state that the integrative impact of the Speed Dating workshop is highly appreciated for a sustainable development of our newly formed DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk.


IndiAlumni Communication Meeting Berlin 2017.

Report of the meeting.



Authors: Meggi Becker und Felix Theuerl, Editor: Susanne Ebner

Diwali is one of the most important and valued festivals in India. It is usually celebrated with one’s family, similar to the German Christmas. In order to be able to celebrate the festival outside India as well, Stefan Frisch and Nihal D’Souza had initiated and prepared a meeting together with an organisation team of the Indian student association from 21 until 22nd of October 2017.

More than 100 participants came to celebrate together. The great hall in Bonn’s city center had been decorated beautifully. Traditional Diwali snacks were offered and the guests partied until late into the night. It became clear how wonderful it is for the Indian students to spend this festival in a community. We IndiAlumni learned a lot about Diwali customs, but above all we had a lot of fun!

Report of the event.



Authors: N.N., Editor: Susanne Ebner

Our meeting started on Friday with an informal get-together. Since the working group consisted of both old and new members of the association, the current situation of the association as well as ongoing projects were presented by the board, followed by a relaxed getting-to-know and exchange with each other.

On Saturday, the participants met in the workspace of the youth hostel, which was rented for the group.The organizing team opened the workshop and introduced the program. This was followed by a summary of the follow-up to our last annual conference, which took place in April 2018 in Hamburg-Harburg. The resulting tasks and questions were summarized and transferred into work packages by the Chairperson Ronda Reiche.

We discussed the essence of the presentations and defined clear objectives for our work meeting: as already at the meeting itself, English should now to become the general language within our association. Our second focus should be on revising and re-thinking old-established concepts and formats for our events to on the one hand reach Indian members or potential new members in a more targeted way.

Based on this considerations, we visualized a work plan. One working group focused on the translation of website content. Another team created new impulses for the structure of our annual network conference and transferred them into an event concept. Our third working group dealt with our event format “Speed Dating”, in which DAAD IndiAlumni can answer questions to new outgo-ers and provide them with information.

Sunday morning we started with a short summary of the previous day as well as the processing of the last work packages. We worked together on organizing our social media presence on Instagram and created a video message for activating members to organize the next annual conference. Furthermore, there were short organizational meetings of our board and the new newsletter team.

Report of the workshop.



Authors: Sayanti Sengupta and Katleen Schneider, Editor: Susanne Ebner

One month after the Confest in Dresden, we continued with fresh members and new outgoing faces in Cologne to offer a preparatory “Speed Dating” weekend from 28th until 30th of June 2019  for three future IndiAlumni. We could demonstrate a wonderful combination of being an Indo-German association for enthusiasts and networkers. Have a look what the outgoings said themselves.

Gina R. “I came to understand the powerful networks of people connecting Germany and India (and beyond). Seeing how others have maintained ties to India/Germany and in turn work to support others embarking upon similar experiences was great, and I’m looking forward to remaining involved with IndiAlumni in the future!”

Orkan Ö: “A key thing for me was getting to know your cool organization and getting more connected over you. Another key thing for me was finally thinking about travelling in India. I did not think about it before and wanted to figure it out on my own, but getting to know the sights this way is much better.”

Maria T. “List two main/key takeaways from the workshop.

  • Take a bottle of Whisky and drink a small shot before each meal
  • Time is relative

Next to the outgoing preparation, hot topics on the weekend were a marketing concept for outgoing scholarship students, ConFest 2020 committee for Heidelberg, the new board kick-off, brainstorming for Düsseldorf: 5 years IndiAlumni celebration and the long-awaited website renovation master plan.