Our Board


Ronda Reiche

Residence: Bamberg

Jana K+Âhler

“In recent years, the DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V. has grown rapidly and so did the knowledge and experience of our members too. Making this great value visible to the outside and usable to the inside is an essential concern of mine in my role as first chairperson of the board. Therefor to create, increase and promote opportunities for Indo-German exchange and dialogue is one of my central projects.

This is also how I got to know the association: After studying a semester at Symbiosis International University in Pune in 2015 with support of the DAAD, back in Germany I was looking for a space to exchange ideas with other India enthusiasts. I found what I was looking for in the DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V., whose goals and possibilities directly inspired me. So after joining the network I am very delighted to now be able to play an even more active role in shaping the future of our association.”

Vice Chairperson

Heinrich Rauh

Residence: Cologne


“As vice chairperson, promoting and expanding the internal communication and associative life of DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V is very important to me to. I would like to be a contact person for all members willing to help and to convey. Over the long term, I would like to develop a clear vision for our association together with the help of the members and the board. In order to promote the internal development of the association – increased networking, clear contact persons, clear goals – I regard internal communication as a significant part of associative life. A big task here will be the integration of Indian members.

With my DAAD-funded semester abroad at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai (IITM) in 2010, I was able to gather valuable, impressive and, above all, sustainable Indian experience in science and technology. Immediately following in 2011, the base for the foundation of the IndiAlumni Network e.V. was laid in Berlin. Since then I have been following the progress with great enthusiasm and I am now looking forward to assuming active responsibility.”


Jasmin Minzapost

Residence: Berlin


“India: what can it teach us?” With precisely this publication, Friedrich Max Müller has sparked my interest in India. And so I was allowed to gain my first India experience as a guest teacher at the Max Mueller Bhavan in Bangalore. Then I was drawn to the University of Mumbai in 2011 as DAAD language assistant by my passion for India. In my role as a lecturer I never understood myself as a teacher only. In the lively exchange with students and in the spirit of Max Müller, I was also able to learn in every respect.

It is exactly this opportunity that I see in our association as an exchange platform and space for mutual learning. We all share our experience of India and Germany, but in our competencies and study backgrounds we could not be more different. This is our potential.

As a member of the executive board, I am pleased to actively take responsibility and sustainably strengthen our association as a competence network and place of knowledge transfer. I particularly value the further establishment and promotion of cultural events as well as the implementation of (creative) projects. As the new treasurer, I can now learn from the wealth of experience of my predecessors. Over the long term, I would like to pass on this knowledge to association projects and make it available, as well as advising on questions of financing events and projects.“