• Life in Germany is going to be way different than in India, keep an open mind.
  • Prepare well for the European cold, better to buy jackets and shoes from Germany- there are plenty of second hand shops and flea markets that have good items at reasonable costs.
  • There are Indian or Asian shops in every German city. So it is not necessary to bring spices from India. Unless you have a special Aachar from your grandmother that is irreplicable!
  • Germans are direct and independent, and they prefer saying things on your face. Try not to take it personally. They expect you to do the same!
  • You cannot buy medicines off the counter without a proper doctor’s prescription here. So if there are certain medicines that you need to take regularly, it is better to carry them from India, along with the doctor’s prescription.
  • People are used to doing their own fixings here. You might have to build up your own closet and bed, or fix a leaking tap. Trying to get a handyman for these jobs may cost a lot, so it is advisable to get involved and learn a few tricks.
  • It is a common feeling for many coming to Germany that Germans are not friendly. In the first instance, they may come across as cold, but once you manage to get into the circle, they are loyal and you have got friends for life.
  • Privacy and personal space are important here. Unnecessary touching or getting too close while conversing is not very common. Live and let live.
  • Beer is quintessential to German culture and every region in Germany has their own special variety. Try the different beers and you’re sure to find yourself a favourite.
    Germans are efficient and believe in sustainable living.
  • Take care of your carbon footprint, don’t waste water or leave lights on, separate the garbage into plastic, paper, mixed and bio, cycle to Uni or work and you’re set for a pleasant entry into the German way of life.