General Assembly - Board Election

  • Board Member 2019

    From left to right: Jasmin Minzapost (Treasurer), Sayanti Sengupta (President), Katleen Schneider (Vice President)

  • Board Member 2017

    From left to right: Heinrich Rauh (Vice President), Ronda Reiche (President) and Jasmin Minzapost (Treasurer) read more


Such a funny, sparkling and of course productive time it was! In between 2017 and 2019 we re-thought and re-designed old concepts for new formats and that way realized two fabulous annual meetings, several workshops and an amazing speed dating event – finally everything completely in English! Also we started to cooperate more closely with other organizations which resulted for example in a large-scale celebration of Diwali. Other than that we connected more closely with DAAD headquarters and other networks through participating in several events and conferences and last but not least also within our board and with the members – digitally crossing borders and sometimes even timezones to deepen and reinforce the purpose of DAAD IndiAlumni: our fantastic network.