Here are few useful tips from IndiAlumni community for Indians coming to Germany.

General Tips

  • Don’t hesitate to ask people, they are pleased to help you (in case for looking for your way to hostel etc., in case of tips for leisure/free time activities). – S. Khulud
  • Don’t be shy and talk with German students. In Germany there are many foreigner, it’s not like in India where some people have never seen a foreigner before. So you have to take the chance and get connected with  Germans. – M. Muller
  • !! Go, interact!! ☺ – V.Theresa
  • Enjoy your stay! – G.Konrad
  • Don’t hesitate to ask people, they are pleased to help you (in case for looking for your way to hostel etc., in case of tips for leisure/free time activities). – T. Vollmer
  • Don’t worry about missing water filters, you can drink German tab water. – F Theuerl
  • You are safe to go outside at night even if you are female. -J.Farber
  • Get in touch with locals and understand and try out a typical ABENDBROT (literally evening bread). – T Berwolff
  • Get to know the large variety of German bread.- T. Berwolff
  • You definitely should visit a soccer stadium like the one of Bayern Munich. There you can grab a German beer and get in contact with German culture (which is pretty much all about beer and soccer). – F. Kohler
  • Germans tend to be very polite, but they are not cold, as by the stereotype. Just be open-minded and friendly and you’ll receive the same! -R.Reiche
  • Germans are very direct. Speak about your problems, it’s normal. – K. Kiefer
  • Travel around Europe and try to mix up with locals and don’t stay in your own group.- C.Bijok
  • You might bring some warm clothes with you, it might be cold when you’re leaving the plane. You can’t buy medicine without a prescription of a doctor.- S.Ebner
  • Don’t be shy. Just ask people. But speak slowly. I mean s-l-o-w-l-y! People might not understand you otherwise, even if they speak English.- M. Becker
  • You won’t need any photo for your sim card purchase. Trains are on time – means if it’s supposed to leave at 9:23 it won’t be there at 9:24 any more! – O.Uchlina
  • Taxis are much more expensive than in India. Try the train for long distances, it’s really different than in India. – S. Schumacher
  • Take a hot shower, it’s amazing.- P.Schrotter
  • Germans do have humor. It might be a little bit different and more subtle than you’d expect, but it is there! – K.Selig
  • German professors expect the students to discuss with them and also to contradict them – don’t be too shy! – F. Frauenhoffer
  • There is a very good app for local bus/tram/train service called Öffi! Don’t go for Telekom/ Vodafone, buy a SIM card at Aldi or other discounts – and try to buy the same as your friend, there are community flatrates. I.Koren
  • The German society has become quite secular -> religion is less important for most people compared to India.People in public usually chat very little if they do not know each other. But it is not the case that they hate strangers, it is just for their calm temper. Feel free to ask for help. – G.Kalinowski
  • Enroll in as many courses at the university as you want. Attendance taking is uncommon and you can drop them easily if you don’t like them. Usually you can also take courses from other faculties. And don’t forget to subscribe to the extracurricular activities. – F. Kreitmair
  • They not to cook for own Indian food at least 3 x a week. Learn German for fun, even if almost everybody speaks English with you.- D. Klaperski
  • Especially in hostels: you may have to clean your room and even kitchen and toilets. There is always an explanation for how things are working in Germany. Ask for it! It will help you to understand the country and its people. German people are not so willing to switch to English in every day communication (as people are in India) Try to improve your German. – A.Vogt


  • Be careful with your credit card, not everyone/every shop will accept it. -F Theuerl
  • Vegetarian and spicy food is also available in Germany. If you don’t like Mensa food you can purchase Asian food in Asian food stores. – S. Kroner
  • You can purchase food and beverages in the  supermarket (Aldi, Lidl, Penny) for a very cheap price.- S. Knieper
  • When you buy bottled water you have to pay a deposit of 25 ct. You’ll get the money back when you bring the bottle back to a shop. But actually it’s not necessary to buy bottled water because the water from the tab is always drinkable. – S. Knieper
  • What is “veg” in Germany? Finding appropriate food is one of the most difficult challenges. Our idea of “veg” in Germany usually still contains egg or milk products. If you want to eat “pure veg” go for the “vegan” options. But also other special requirements such as meals for Jain diet can usually be accommodated for. Just ask to leave out onions, carrots, etc. -F.Morike
  • Yes, even a cold dinner with ham & cheese (there are options for vegetarians), salad & cucumber can be a full meal. -T. Barwolff
  • The German food is not very spicy at all (compared to Indian cuisine), so go to a (Turkish) supermarket and get some spices! – P.Orzechowski
  • You don’t have to bring basic (Indian) foods, like rice, sugar, noodles, etc. It’s all available in supermarkets or special Asian stores. Concerning the climate: Winter can be pretty cold, whereas summer can be pretty hot. – A. Wirbel
  • Try the chocolate! And people will like you, even if they might not smile at first! – J.Fleisch

Rules and Regulations

  • Take care about German traffic lights and traffic rules. If you ignore a red traffic light… it might be costly… and you should not try to bribe a German police officer. – K.Goldner
  • Be punctual if you have an appointment! Germans are really into being in time and punctual. -S.Worsdorfer
  • Cars will actually stop at traffic lights and zebras. Use them! – R. Busche
  • Learn a little bit of German, always be on time (sharp), work hard, party hard. Read German literature and listen to German music. – M. Kraus
  • When you go to a restaurant, don’t use your fingers for eating. Take the fork/spoon.- F.Schmidt
  • For boys, it’s not common to hold hands, unless you are gay.- C. Niederauer


  • Get proper cloth as the weather conditions differ.It could become really cold in Germany! – S. Khulud