It is a good idea to bring a small stock of the medication you usually take when you get a chough, temperature, etc. to Germany. However, in case you get ill, you just go to a pharmacy or doctor and ask for advice.

You need a 230-volt, 50-Hertz electrical adapter and converter for any electronic gadgets that does not meet these requirements. Plugs C and F are used in Germany. You need a 3 pin to 2 pin adapter.

Pack comfortable shoes, when coming to Germany. You will walk around a lot! When you arrive between October and March make sure you carry a warm winter jacket and body warmers with you. You could also bring a set of traditional Indian attire. People in Germany will be curious to learn about your traditions.

Other stuffs
Only a limited number of goods and only goods of certain value are allowed to be brought into Germany without paying taxes. For any specific information regarding tax/duty-free regulations, please check the German customs office’s (Zollamt) website: