When invited to a birthday party always carry some money as your meal will not be paid for by the host. You might be treated with a drink or two.
Never leave your drink unattended in a party!!! Especially girls should watch out for suspicious offerings by strangers. Trust yourself and don’t do things, which you feel uneasy with. Student parties at private homes or at universities are highly popular and is the best way to break the ice with Germans. Germans tend to be more distant and “cool” initially. Don’t worry about the reserved nature, it just takes more time to unfreeze the stiffness.

Student life in Germany can get pretty wild. However, if you like to experience nightlife in Germany, it is advisable to read the following thoroughly to get a feeling for what’s normal and what’s abnormal for people living in Germany.

Beer is very popular and comparatively cheap in Germany. Consuming alcohol is a very socially accepted form of gathering, however, not everyone is an addict. Soft alcoholic drinks (beer and wine) are allowed to consume starting from the age of 16 in Germany. All other hard liquors can be bought starting from 18 years onwards. Btw a good way of demonstrating German drinking culture is to say Prost! (Cheers) while lifting your glass, touching all other glasses one by one and the most important is the EYE CONTACT while doing so.
Drinking in public is allowed and especially preferred in summer times. It is common to gather in parks or other public places for a picnic or get-together which may involve beer or other drinks, according to your liking.
Always pay attention to how you leave public places behind and dispose all the trash properly in the nearest bin. It is extremely offensive if you leave a place messy and dirty. Beer and other soda drinks bottles have a deposit (Pfand), which means, you get back some cents when you return the bottle to the supermarket.


  • Learn how to open a beer bottle with anything but a bottle opener. This will impress all of the beer drinkers around you. Start with a lighter or a spoon
  • Don’ t drink and drive. It is a serious offence. Make sure to think ahead how to get back from a party or any nights out where you might take a few drinks. Cabs or even public transport is a safe option. Driving a car means taking responsibility for anything which might go wrong on the street.

Approaching a woman in Germany follows a simple rule – be gentle and polite. DO NOT approach a girl from behind in the dance club. Its better to have eye contact first and then slowly start dancing with each other without being too touchy in the beginning.
If a German girl says NO she means NO. Today’s German culture and relationships may vary and it is common for people to have several relationships in their early adolescence. Sex is common in a relationship and also one-night stands happen according to everybody’s preference. However, do not assume things before getting to know somebody. The app ‘ Tinder’ is also widely used in Germany and follows the principle of flirting and finding a date with similar interests.
In general, Germans tend to talk more freely about sex. Nudity has been a part of the culture since many years, especially in the East of the country – known as FKK (Frei Körper Kultur – free body culture). So do not get surprised if you end up at a lake with a section of naked people walking around and taking a swim without causing a fuss.

Homosexuality / Transexuality / Queer
Germany has an open and liberal transgender culture. Being gay, lesbian, queer or of any sexual orientation is everybody’s personal preference. You will find homosexual couples openly showing their relationship in the public. Big cities celebrate annual gay / lesbian / transgender festivals.
These links are interesting and will answer probably some arising questions:

It is normal to be approached by the same gender. Being polite and denying the offer would be the best reaction a woman/man would do, if not interested. It is a common practice, to be naked in the respective men’s and women’s shower rooms at places like fitness studios or swimming pools.