Emergency phone numbers

  • Polizei / Police: 110
  • Feuerwehr / Fire brigade: 112
  • Rettungsdienst / Emergency Medical Care: 112

These emergency phone numbers are toll-free and can be reached from any phone (mobile phone, landline, phone booth). Dispatchers speak both German and English.

Within the European Union, dial 112 (toll-free) for any emergency. Mobile phones must be equipped with a working SIM card to reach the European emergency number.

When calling an emergency number the dispatcher will first enquire about the location of the emergency and then ask further questions about emergency situation. He / She may give additional assistance over the phone until the emergency vehicles arrive on scene. Do not hang up until the dispatcher is finished!

In Germany, public sector employees are supportive. For example, the police is considered a friend and helper (Freund und Helfer), and is reliable. Don’t hesitate to contact them!

List of further emergency hotlines:

Indian embassy and consulate in Germany

DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) (www.daad.de)
Regional DAAD offices and contacts can be found at www.daad.de/deutschland/nach-deutschland/hilfe/en/12065-help-and-advice

DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V.

Contact your German university’s International Office Search for social media groups of Indians in Germany, for example on Facebook. Often, these groups are very vibrant and answer questions quickly.