In Germany there is a difference between Universities, Universities of applied sciences and colleges of art, film and music.

Teaching methods of universities are focused more on theory. Universities usually offer degrees up to the doctorate level.

Universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen)
Universities of applied sciences belong to higher education as well. More practice oriented courses are typical for this type of institutions. The choice of the modules at the Universities of applied sciences are supposed to be more job-market oriented. It is also common practice here that some lectures are given by professionals from the industry.

Colleges of art, film and music

The possibilities to get higher education in the creative industry is diverse. The university website will be the best source of information. The instructions on the websites of these universities might be in German only.

Tuition Fee and Semester Fee
Most of the universities in Germany are public and are funded by the state. The government in Germany invests a lot in the development of education.
There are typically 2 types of fees.
Tuition fee is the actual course fee. On account of a number of facilities provided by the German government to promote education the tuition fee for some courses in various fields could also be zero.
Semester fee is always applicable even If the tuition fee is zero. This fee is different for different universities. Approximate range is from <150 to >350€ per semester.
Semester ticket (The receipt you get after paying the semester fee offers a reduction in public transport costs (in some states it is free for students), special student rates in many places etc.. Normally, student accommodations, food in University canteens and health insurance for students are affordable.

University Ranking
There is ranking of universities in Germany. If you apply for the job after you have graduated, it is not that important in which University you have studied but what marks you’ve got and what kind of practical or job experience you have gathered during your studies. Many of the students do an internship or work part time in a company during their studies. Companies highly value this experience while considering a candidate for a job

Self-discipline is required
Typical for the German system of higher education is the independent way of how to organise the studies. It is up to you to create your own plan of studies and decide how fast you complete all the modules. Because of this independence lots of students arrange their
studies in such a way that they can also handle a part time or a mini job during their studies. Great deal of independence however might lead to extending the scheduled studying time.
Lectures are mostly power point presentation. You are expected to be very attentive and interactive in the class.

Indian Buddy Tipps:

  • Try to make study groups. It helps in better understanding.