The accommodation may be provided by your universities, but not everyone gets a room in a Student hostel. There is a first come first serve policy so HURRY!!!!
Some universities offer accommodation only for part of the duration of the course.

In case you have or want to find an accommodation on your own, here are some helpful links

Student Halls/Hostels (Studentenwohnwerk / Wohnheim)
Price friendly options are Student Resident Halls (Studentenwohnheime).
You can find a useful database here (Link to DAAD)
You can also find more info here (Link to Deutsches Studentenwerk)

A very good opportunity to mingle with Germans and other internationals is the website
It is a useful platform to look for a room in existing shared apartments. The platform is quite international.
You can also find fully furnished private flats at decent rates as per your requirements.

An option for a temporary stay on arrival in Germany is accommodation provided by Airbnb, which stands for “bed ‘ n’ breakfast”.
Private rooms or entire apartments are rented out for an affordable to expensive price range. Through a recommendation and feedback option, the stays are rated online and hence, provide a safe and more personal option than conventional hotels.

Black boards (Schwarze Bretter)
Helpful sources for finding apartments are black boards / notice boards (Schwarze Bretter) at universities and other research institutions. Usually they can be found around canteens and other busy locations on campus. You will find notes with various offers, from 1-BHK to single rooms in shared apartments.

Other Helpful Links
Diverse forum and group sites provide additional assistance for finding accommodation, such as these sites:

Facebook – Indians in (Name of the City in Germany to which you are planning to go to)

Help in finding an apartment

Indian Buddy Tipps:

  • It is very common in Germany for boys and girls to live together in a shared apartment
  • Exploring flea markets can be a real adventure! You can buy and sell books, furniture, fashion and antiques.
  • All most all the Shops will be closed on Sundays. Some of the restaurants are open on Sundays. Daily opening hours will differentiate from state to state. Few exceptions are train stations or some bakeries. With some luck your town has a supermarket located in the train station that might be open on Sundays.