The DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V. is an association that connects Germans going to India and Indians coming to Germany from diverse academic fields. The goal of the association is the promotion of social engagement in the German-Indian context and to foster continued cultural, economic and scientific exchange. For this purpose we organize annual meetings, various workshops, “Stammtisch”-Meet Ups and several other events – with support from the DAAD.


Sayanti Sengupta

Working for SDGs
and Climate Change
"I know many young Indian students who dream of living in Germany and studying in a multicultural environment. DAAD makes it possible through its scholarships, and me being the President of DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk I look forward to inspiring these young minds and strengthen Indo-German ties through new projects and collaborations!”

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Katleen Schneider

Working for Waste Management, Andaman Islands, India
“Let's make this a true Indo-German network which stands out with its amazingly engaged members and inspiring projects to be fostered in both countries and beyond.”

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Jasmin Minzapos

Working in the field of education and international student applications
“I understand our association as an exchange platform and space for mutual learning. As a board member , I am happy to actively take on responsibility and strengthen our association as a competence network and place of knowledge sharing and synergy. Particularly close to my heart is the further establishment and promotion of cultural events.”

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  • 2012

      First Annual Meeting in Berlin

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  • 2013

      Hand in Hand Project

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  • 2014

      12th April 2014

      Official Founding of The       


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  • 2014

      First Speed-dating in Constance

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  • Apr 2016

      Opening up the association

      to Indians at the Annual

      meeting in Cologne

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  • Aug 2016

      Young ambassador meeting

      in Delhi


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  • 2017

      Diwali Celebration in Bonn



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  • 2019

      First ConFest in Dresden



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The DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V. is active since 2012 with the inauguration of its first annual meet-up in Berlin. Since then, we have organised more than 20 own events, have attended numerous conferences, speak-ups and workshops, the board has seen various faces and own projects have been created or curated. Our strength is connecting with others, being engaged and creating lots of own networking events.

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Dr. Christoph Senft

IndiAlumnus und Direktor des DAAD Information Center in Pune
"During my studies in English, I had repeatedly dealt with Anglophone literature outside Great Britain and the USA, including India, of course. So we had discussed texts by Salman Rushdie etc. during our studies. When my university (Tübingen) started a cooperation with the University of Pune and was still looking for exchange students on the German side, I decided to write my master thesis on contemporary English literature from India and applied for the two semester exchange program. Only when I stood at the airport in Mumbai did I realize that I actually had no idea about this country, except for a few novels I had read about it. So it was a leap into the cold water."


Student an der Alliance Business School in Bangalore von Juli bis September 2010
"After some minor bottlenecks in the beginning, we were able to experience interesting and lively lectures. Academically the semester abroad was worth a trip. Especially worth mentioning is the really great opportunity to visit an alumni meeting after the stay to exchange experiences. India was and is a challenge for most visitors. It requires preparation and a certain flexibility of character. Because as soon as you go with the flow, India leads you through an unforgettable adventure! A great inspiration for me were the moments I spent at a low-income school of Teach for India and in its communities."

Gina R.

Outgoing Student to Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai- 2019-20
"The Speed-dating workshop organised by IndiAlumni was informative, fun, and a great opportunity to connect with those who have insights to share regarding all things India- from mosquito nets to the best study spots on campuses across the country. I now feel better prepared to confidently begin my time in India and to be open-minded to all that will come my way. I can’t wait to travel to the spots Alumni noted as worth visiting! Also, I’m looking forward to furthering my own understandings of “India,” as one of the most valuable points I took from the workshop is the notion that there is no single way to conceptualize India; the ways to experience it are as diverse as the country itself."


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Therefore: If you yourself have been to India Germany or with a DAAD scholarship and want to help build this bridge between Germany and India, if you want to be part of this network of expertise and competence, then become a member. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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